Parents and caregivers are the first education providers during a child's critical early years (0-5 years) of learning. The most effective way to get your child ready to learn is to read to them. The 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten program is simple and easier to complete than you might think.  Just read any book to your child with the goal of reading 1,000 books before kindergarten.

Parents:  You can create an account for yourself first, and then you can add additional accounts for each of your children.  That way you will have the ability to easily monitor your child's activity without having to login as each child.

How does the 1,000 Books before Kindergarten program work?

  • Register Online Here--Parents, you will create an account first to easily monitor your child's activity.
  • Track Reading--Log every book that you or another caregiver reads with your child, even if it's a book that's been read to your child before.
  • Earn Prizes, Badges, and Completion Certificate--Throughout the 1,000 book reading journey awards will consist of small prizes, virtual badges and a completion certificate.  Visit the library for each 100 book milestone to get your child's picture taken for our Wall of Fame.
  • Keep Reading!--Get your child ready to read by reaching 1,000 books before they enter kindergarten.
    If you read just
    1 book a day, you will have read 365 books in a year.  That is 730 books in two years, and 1,095 books in just three years!
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